Individual Sponsors

What does it mean to be an individual sponsor?

Being an individual sponsor does not entail financial obligation, but rather a commitment of public support by being involved and having your name placed on the website to show support. By being an individual sponsor you will help with working toward full gender equality in Buffalo and the policy-based work of the Campaign to achieve it.

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As an individual, you can..

Stay informed
Sign up for our news alerts to hear about our progress and how you can help

Sign the petition
Add your name to our public list of supporters

Follow us on Facebook
Like our page for up-dates about CEDAW in Buffalo and nationwide
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Spread the word
Talk about CEDAW with people and organizations that you know

Share your story
Record a testimonial about why you want

Volunteer in a Committee
Join our Steering Committee or a working group in an area you care about by joining us at our meetings!

If you are interested please fill out this form!