Steps towards Sponsorship

Cities for CEDAW-Buffalo is a broad coalition of allied organizations and individuals committed to
ensuring that the equity and equality principles enshrined in the UN Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), a widely-ratified human rights treaty, are incorporated into city policy and decisionmaking in Buffalo, New York. Following the lead of other cities across the nation, we are working toward the adoption of a city ordinance – the Buffalo CEDAW Ordinance – that creates regular reporting and planning processes in city departments and agencies designed to ensure that all city policies, programs, and practices proactively address gender discrimination.
Such an ordinance is deeply needed in Buffalo, a city in which gender inequality and gender-based violence is pervasive. Despite majority status, women are grossly underrepresented in Buffalo politics and city employment. Women in Buffalo suffer a massive wage gap (over $13,000 annually for full time workers), high rates of family and community violence, disproportionate poverty rates, and a startling lack of essential services. As a City of Good Neighbors in the midst of an urban renaissance, Buffalo cannot afford to fail to decisively address these longstanding inequities. A CEDAW Ordinance will create a framework for regular data-keeping, transparent reporting, critical self-analysis, targeted policymaking, and participatory solution-finding that will help ensure continual ​progress in our city’s goal of ensuring equal opportunity for all.
The CEDAW Ordinance would likewise create a CEDAW Task Force, an oversight body with training, monitoring, and reporting responsibilities to assist city agencies and departments in undertaking annual gender analyses. This Task Force will be composed of city officials and independently-selected members of the community with demonstrated experience and expertise in women’s issues, such as health care, violence against women, racial justice, immigrant and refugee populations, labor and employment, and other issues of economic and social opportunity.
Please join us by becoming a Sponsor of our Campaign. Partnership does not entail financial obligation, but rather a commitment of public support for working toward full gender equality in Buffalo and the policy-based work of the Campaign to achieve it.
Please look here to learn more and see the current sponsors and how to sign up.

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